Conference on Theoretical Physics and Nonlinear Phenomena 2010

The conference with the title "Theoretical Aspects of Small to Large Scale World" will be held on 24-25 November 2010 in Depok. The conference consists of few lecture and review talks on the latest topics in particular subjects, and several short talks. Lecture and review talks are based on invitation, while the short talks are based on contributed papers. All topics related on the studies of theoretical physics and nonlinear phenomena are welcome.

- Astrophysics
- Biophysics
- Cosmology
- Condensed Matter
- High Energy Physics
- Lattice
- Mathematical Physics
- Non-linear Physics
- Nuclear Physics

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International Conference on Theoretical Physics

The conference is the first international conference and the sixth one of the annual meeting on theoretical physics in Indonesia organized by the Indonesian Theoretical Physicist Group (GFTI), Indonesia Center for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (ICTMP), and Theoretical Physics Laboratory, THEPI, FMIPA, Institut Teknologi Bandung. We invite both local and international participants to attend and present their current research in all theoretical and mathematical physics areas such as algebraic and geometric aspects in the parallel session.

The title for this conference is "Theoretical and Nonlinear Aspects in Nature". The conference was held on 13 October 2009 in Bandung. Further information about this conference can be found at:

The Workshop on Theoretical Physics 2008 (WTP2K8)

WTP2K8 with the title "Integrability in the Universe and Beyond" was held on 14 May 2008 in Bogor. This meeting is the fifth one of the annual meeting on theoretical physics in Indonesia organized by the Consortium of Workshop on Theoretical Physics. Both local and international participants are invited to attend and present their current researches in the parallel session.

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