Division of Field Theory and Mathematical Physics (FT-MP)

Over the last 30 years, field theories such as the Standard Model and General Relativity have gained their success describing physics at both subatomic scale and large scale structure of our universe which has been tested by many collider experiments and astronomical observations, respectively. Moreover, these theories can naturally be coupled in such a way that it maintains a larger symmetry. This symmetry is a non trivial extension of the Poincare group which is called supersymmetry. In particular, we have here an extension of a theory coupled to gravity so that supersymmetry is locally realized.

Nowadays supersymmetry has become interest for both physicist and mathematician due several developments initiated by E. Witten describing invariant in four dimensional spacetime and recently with his collaborators, showing that the geometric Langland program can be arisen from supersymmetric gauge theories.

The activities in the division of Field Theory and Mathematical Physics (FT-MP) at ICTMP are focused on the study of the application of some mathematical techniques on supersymmetric theories. Currently, there are several topics in physics which are the main concern on our study, namely the dynamics of:

  1. Solitons in General Relativity and Field theories, including the Ricci Solitons in Kahler Manifold and its relation to Cosmology.
  2. Dynamics of four dimensional N=1 supersymmetric theories on Kaehler-Ricci Solitons and its relation to Cosmology.
  3. Solitonic solution such as Domain Walls and Black Hole in five dimensional N=2 supersymmetric theory.
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