Division of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems (ND-CS)

In the recent years the study on the dynamics of various models of complex systems has shown its important role on explaining the nature of some physical phenomena. The problems of complexity that arise in many area of physics are actually related to nonlinear systems, which is already known that it need to be solved by a rigorous and sophisticate mathematical method.

The activities in the division of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems (ND-CS) at ICTMP are focused on the study of the application of some mathematical techniques on solving the models of complex systems. Currently, there are several topics in physics which are the main concern on our study, namely the dynamics of:

  1. Chaotic behavior in autonomous as well as non-autonomous systems of first order differential equations.
  2. Energy distribution in proteins based on the Davydov-Scott model and its relation to the vibrational excited states related protein folding mechanism.
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